Bed Bug Bites

How Are Bed Bug Bites Contracted, Spread and Treated?

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

When it comes to bed bugs, there is a lot to know about them. From a bed bug’s color identification to the reaction they may cause if bitten by these pesky little insects, bed bugs are something to watch out for everywhere.

Whether it is in your home, someone else’s domicile, an event where there are a lot of people, the workplace, or some location where you are spending long periods outdoors in the elements, these pesky parasites can crawl onto an item to come along for the ride.

However, with proper knowledge and preparation for preventing these little bugs from taking over your living space and becoming a serious concern, it is best to understand a bit about them first.

Bed Bugs Do Not Cause Disease

The best news about these teeny pests is that bed bugs are not disease causers, as noted about them on

While they love to siphon off blood from the skin while you sleep, bed bugs are more likely to cause a bit of pesky itching due to a rash that forms.

There are also bumps and other unsightly blemishes on the skin that form around the bed bug bite.

While a large rash may cause you to become annoyed and embarrassed by the marks and welts on your skin from bed bugs, you are less likely to go to the ER or primary care physician for treatment like you would from reactions due to wasp, hornet or bee stings.

However, according to, there are instances where bed bugs bites have caused more serious medical issues besides itching and scratching like a swollen tongue, fever or fever-like symptoms, nausea and even difficulty breathing.

While these are extreme cases of reactions due to bug bites, the symptoms from getting bit are known to last between one to three weeks, as noted by

Moreover, it depends on a person’s sensitivity to the bites and the number of bug bites on the body to determine the length of time the aftereffects from the blood draining would be.

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Areas Of The Body That Bed Bugs Bite

It’s true! Bed bugs love to suck tiny bits of blood from your skin as you slumber with their proboscis, which is stuck into your warm skin by these parasites, then drained of blood for their benefit.

The downside to getting your blood sucked while you sleep is that these oval, brown-colored bed bugs are quite small and can move fast, so they can reach this specific parts of the body to get the blood they need to live another day:


The downside to having bed bugs infestation your bed is that it is common for bed bugs to live in clusters in your mattress, bed linens and other parts of the bed.

Washing your linens and comforters in hot water is one way to kill these annoying parasites.

Note: If you believe that you have a bed bug infestation in your mattress, it may be best to contact a pest control company to gas those pesky parasites to death.

Where Bed Bugs Live

When it comes to where bed bugs live or can be found, they like to hang out on walls, in furniture and bedding, in mattresses and any other place where they can eventually move to for draining a little blood from many warm, sleeping humans.

Home rentals, hostels, dorms, Air BnB’s and overnight shelters are ripe for bed bug infestation due to a large number of people that come and go from these places, while the bed bugs stay and increase their numbers with eggs.

Unlike winged insects that can bite and sting, adult bed bugs have unusable wings called wing pads, along with two antennae at the front of their heads.

Bed bugs do not rely on hoves or nest to increase their numbers. A female bed bug produces eggs, which look like whitish specks, that can be placed in areas in the home that is safe from humans getting to them.

It’s best to periodically clean in the home around areas that don’t see much traffic where bed bugs can slowly expand their numbers over time.

While bug bites on the skin will be a good indication that you have them nesting in your home or your temporary place of residence, it is best to clean places in the home where you would suspect that they could hide.

Since bed bugs try and suck a host’s blood in the middle of the night or early morning hours when it is safe for them to do their work, they generally won’t bit in the daytime hours, so that time of the day is a perfect opportunity to kill off all of a female bed bug’s eggs.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

When it comes to identifying bed bugs properly, MedicalNewsToday noted that adult bed bugs look like the seed of an apple, when they have been fed and full of blood.

The color of the body can be reddish-brown, brown, or clear. While an adult bed bug can measure up to 7 millimeters in length, bed bugs that have fed on their host, can be spotted and identified if you know what to look for.

If you spot small drops of blood on your bed sheets near your body in the morning, it may be a good sign that an adult bed bug got crushed or smashed during the night as they fed.

When trying to identify young bed bugs, it is almost impossible to see these “nymphs,” with their white, clear or yellowish-white color without the help of a very large magnifying glass or microscopic device.

And because bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs in a short time period, it is important to spot them and eradicate all of their eggs as soon as possible.

Having a large bed bug infestation in your home or business would require a professional pest control service to gauge the extent of the infestation problem and take the proper action.

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites

While a few bed bug bites in a row on your arm, back, hand or neck may be mistaken for a mosquito bite, bed bug bites can cause a blister at the center of the bite where the proboscis was inserted into your skin by a hungry bed bug.

Using an over the counter, anti-itch creme or anti-itch ointment can keep the irritation at a minimum and save you from additional annoyances from having to scratch the irritated or blistered area.

It’s also best to clean the area that has been bitten with a block of mild soap and water, so there is a chance of an infection occurring due to sores and open wounds where bacteria could grow and cause secondary issues at the “bite sites.”

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